Wednesday, July 1, 2015

summer things

Other things summer, we have entered blueberry season. Or blue poop season as it also happens to be. I remember as a young teen yelling for mom to come to the bathroom because something was wrong with my poop, mom came, and promptly asked me if I'd been digging into her frozen blueberries. Um... I guess there was no denying it!
Doug and I are trying to buy more organic, however, with blueberries at $1 a pint I could not pass this deal up. I consoled myself thinking that a soapy rinse would get rid of some of the pesticides
And there they are 4 pints ready for freezing
I also made blueberry jam
and blueberry banana walnut bread
and ate the jam on pb on the bread, mmmm
Someone needs to invent a bikini top that will never have the underwire come loose to stab you in the armpit, yowch!
We are planning to paint the deck soon, if we can ever get some sunny days in a row! A month or so ago I used the paint to redo our mailbox post. First I had to scrape all the old paint off, hard work!
then I painted it
and I was happy to see the other day my wildflower seeds I planted had started to bloom! hopefully more flowers to come
One not so good thing that happened at work
noooooo! goodbye chapstick :(
An even worse thing happened the day after work, I woke up with a pink painful teary eye
Doug drove me to the eye doctor who said I had an ulcer on my eye from years of contacts wearing and my eye couldn't get enough oxygen so has been growing blood vessels and making some sort of loop. I was really scared, but it turns out just needed some rest, steroid antibiotic eye drops, and to switch to daily contacts. What a relief! I guess it's also time to do the whole new glasses routine again. Which I am not looking forward to. But this weekend was not that fun as I went around with only 1 contact. Which gave me a headache, but my glasses give me a headache too.
This weekend was our reunion for InterVarsity. Most of my closest friends today I met in that group, and it was a fun time together. Slightly hampered by the fact I was one eyeing it again, and had put electrical tape behind one sunglass lens to make a sort of patch so that my left eye wouldn't be trying to see too and make me dizzy/headache. It worked, but I just felt weird about it.
Such good people and so many good memories!
I've had some days off this week so yesterday Jill and I biked 19 miles and were rewarded with yummy mexican food at lunch. Snuggled this little dude for a bit and then did some errands.
Last night it poured rain and I lay on the couch with my book club book, and Doug lay on a the windowseat watching for lightening.
I love this guy
a couple surprise treats from my sweetie, and that's what we've been up to lately!


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry about your eye! :( Not fun! Have you tried You get your first pair of glasses fee (just have to pay the perscription fee) so it's a pretty good deal.

    1. I think I might try the store this time. These glasses are from, so they were cheaper. But there was no one to help me make sure they fit right, they are always squeezing my head. My doctor looked at them and said they have a prism in the lens, I'm not sure what that means, but he said no wonder you're getting headaches! So maybe this time I should get them done in the store