Friday, July 10, 2015

Doug's birthday date

We celebrated Doug's birthday today since on his real birthday next week we will be flying out on our vacation!
Started the morning with an omelet to split, toast, and a smoothie made from blueberries, banana, and fresh from mom's garden red and blackberries. Mmmm
I had had a plan to kidnap him and do a fun lunch by the water and bike ride, but he made it seem like he didn't want to do that, so we went to the zoo instead. It ended up being pretty fun, and it was a beautiful day
Kudos to the Zoo for trying to be more healthy, I got some kind of potato and carrot root salad, kale tabbuleh (needed way more kale to the bulgar wheat ratio though) and some quinoa pilaf. All my stuff I personally thought I could have made better, and for sure Liz could have, but I appreciated them trying.
The Zoo is set in a loop, pretty much, so we set off and got to see everything!
It was fun.
Then we met up his parents for dinner and ate way too much
Doug got a tasty chicken pesto pizza
I got a spicy chicken kale cheesy noodle bowl
Yum! Then back to the house, opened presents with his parents, and off to bed and heading to work my weekend tomorrow!


  1. Happy birthday Doug! What a fun birthday day! :) Have you tried Crispelli's in Royal Oak? That is my most fave place. The veggie sandwich is to die!

  2. Never heard of it! Will look for it next time, thanks :)