Thursday, July 16, 2015

another project

Also on my days off I have been slowly working on my dresser project. I followed this blog post from YHL to make my CraigsList wood dresser a bright white.
hauled this beast to the garage
took off all the old hardware
sanded it down
started painting the oil-based primer
all primed!
I filled the top smaller dresser screw holes so I could have one drawer pull instead of multiple handles. The next step was 2-3 very thin coats of latex based paint. My roller kept making tiny little peaks of paint so I had to brush the whole thing
and of course mine ended up needing 3 coats. Oh my gosh I was getting so bored painting the same thing over and over again. But I set my phone on the Brian Regan Pandora station and that really helped
the last step was applying an optional protective coating. I got so excited because I thought I had the product already so I grabbed what I had and painted on a coat of oil based polycrylic. Turns out that was only for stained wood and it left a slight yellow tinge to my dresser. Noooo!!! I talked to dad who said, yes, I needed the water-based polycrylic product (like the blog said) but it was too late now. So I was bummed. Always read the directions!!! They said they didn't notice it, but I do. Alas.
The last step was screwing on my updated hardware and now it's good to go! Well besides still missing the door, I couldn't find a new matching brushed nickle hinge so I have to somehow paint the old one to match, but other than that, done. I hope it holds up!

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  1. 1. It looks so great!!! Good job friend!!!!
    2. A Brian Reegan station?! I must get this!