Monday, July 20, 2015

second and last Stitch Fix

I got my second Stitch Fix, and it will be my last.
This time I liked some of the patterns, and she did send me stuff that was under $50 each, but the cuts were just not right, and I had specifically asked for certain cuts and she didn't listen.
I really enjoy seeing other people's Stitch Fixes, but it just isn't for me I guess.
super loose around the middle, and I'm sorry but $40 for a tank top?? never
see-thru and frumpy. I can't really do the button down without bust darts, it just doesn't fit right
this I actually thought was really pretty, but it's too low, and I can't justify a $50 tank top
hated this ugly frumpy tank top
I liked the print, but the top was so tight and cinched right under the bust, not a good look
Alas. Well I think it was worth a try, but I'll stick to Marshalls and my Salvation Army finds. Maybe it did inspire me to look more at fun patterns instead of just some basic colors, but Stitch Fix is just not for me.

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  1. Bummer it was another bust! You look super cute though and super tiny!!