Tuesday, July 7, 2015

bathroom remodel stage 1

This weekend our bathroom remodel began. I like a lot of stuff about our little house, but I have never liked the bathroom. Especially the shower and walls in the room.
There was a cave-like shower with a dropped ceiling in there.
here is the before (besides that hole Doug bashed in to see what was behind there)
the workers
tear down that wall!
more open already
looks like there was a window once upon a time in there
what was under our grey vinyl floor? another vinyl floor of course!
dad hard at work
oh hey! you guys are doing something in there!?!
whatcha guys doing?
what's in there?
would ya look at that
peek a boo!
I can come in?
As with any home project we ran into some problems. We knew there was mold in our crawl space, Doug hired his brother this spring to go down there and spray some mold chemical. So that worked, but right under the tub his brother found a spot that had water/mold damage and needed to be replaced. So we were thinking that was going to be super expensive and were trying to figure out how to jack up the tub to get under there. (we planned on keeping the tub, just getting a new surround). But Doug and Dad figured out they could cut a chunk of the floor out and just replace that section. So that was great news!
oh hi!
Dad even had a section of some old pipe organ pipe he could use for the wood so we saved money on that too :)
this is what I always wondered about our ugly weird plastic-y walls. Mystery solved- they had just painted over the strange wall tile! well it's coming down
new drywall
they spent the entire holiday weekend on this project, including the 4th while I was at work
One of the days was spent almost entirely working on this plumbing issue. I don't know the details, but it was looking like we had to call a plumber. But then Dad and Doug went over to Lowe's and I guess problem solved with them until they figured out something that would work! Right now there is a tiny drip by the elbow joint, so it's not perfect yet, and we ran out of time. Now both mom and dad, and me & Doug are going on vacation, so the rest of the project will have to wait! At least we have a somewhat functional tub, no shower tho.
to be continued....


  1. No no no, you did it all wrong. You were supposed to make a little tunnel you had to crawl through to get to the shower. That would really feel like a cave bathroom then.

    Sounds like they made every DIY mistake that they talk about on those shows, like linoleum'ing over linoleum. Painting over tile, etc. I like what you guys are doing with it though. Man, I bet the issue Dad and Doug had with the plumbing was the same thing I just had an issue with! They shoulda called me. Our bathroom is almost done, got the shower finished last night, just needs a new tile floor. Yay!

  2. Whoa, what a project! I cannot wait to see the after! :)

  3. Great progress there! It’s good that you found that mold damage early, so that you could do something about it as part of the renovation. At the very least, you don’t have to replace the whole thing, thanks to your Dad and Doug’s quick thinking. Anyway, I hope the renovation goes smoothly from there. Good luck!

    Evon Brow @ Athens Plumbing