Thursday, March 1, 2012

Meals of Late

This week I made my menu as usual before grocery shopping. For some reason I always plan Sunday thru Thursday and then I lose interest or run out of ideas, so by the time Friday comes around I'm scrounging in the leftovers and to see what else remains in the fridge/pantry. I don't know why this happens! I usually have more time to cook on the weekends, but less desire.

Anyway, I tried a few recipies that I ripped out of a Real Simple waiting room magazine.

Monday I made Turkey Sloppy Joes. I liked this recipie because it didn't use canned sloppy joe sauce that is always filled with high-fructose corn syrup. These were pretty tasty, altho I do like the taste of canned sauce too.

Tuesday I did dinner in the crock pot Smoky Beef and Bean Chili. This was just ok. You had to use a bottle of lager beer and I felt like that was all I could taste. Not too crazy about that.

Wednesday I did another crock pot recipie Soy Glazed Chicken with Stir Fry Vegetables this one was pretty good. A bit hard to judge because both of us got home late and it had cooked for 14 hours instead of 8. Whoops! Plus I use chicken breasts instead of thighs so it was kind of dry. But pretty good. I just love the recipe for chinese stir fry that we use already. And you still have to cook rice, fry the veggies, so it doesn't really save much time to use the crockpot.

Tonight I'm planning on Butter Chicken, always a favorite, and then tomorrow I'll try that Chicken Enchilada Pasta. But I feel a bit recipie depressed, you always think 'this one's going to be the new fave!' and then it's just ok. Oh well! Back to the drawing board.


  1. I need to try those Turkey Sloppy Joes, that sounds good!
    You will LOVE the Chicken Enchilada Pasta, it is amazing!! And it makes tons so you can eat it all weekend. I might make that again this weekend actually, yummy!!
    I know the frustration with trying new recipes and not enjoying the outcome. I would recc and only make recipes with at least four stars, they are usually always amazing!

  2. Try America's Test Kitchen cookbook. I love the stuff in there! Also, cook some indian food! Its so easy to make and once you learn to make one or two things, you can make anything.