Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Daniel Fast day 2

My church is doing the Daniel Fast for the 21 days before Easter. (the one from the Bible where Daniel tells the king he wants to eat fruits and veggies instead of the king's food, and then he's healthier than everyone else) Our church wants to do it to experience God more in our own lives and in our church.

So last night I make the black bean stir-fry which included a recipie for your own tortilla chips! I was all excited. Until I took it out of the oven. She said to use an ungreased baking sheet, so I did, but I pretty much had to chisel these 'chips' off the pan. Most broke off in tiny dime size pieces and I even had a few grains of cornmeal fly off and land in my eye. Ouch! I had to run to the bathroom for a saline rinse. That recipe had a note that blog lady's husband said it was his favorite daniel fast recipie, and it made me think, it's going to be a long 3 weeks. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't that great. The avocado was the best part.

For dessert I did make something tasty. Food processed a frozen banana with a scoop of natural pb and a scoop of cacao powder, and a bit of almond milk. You can for sure taste the banana-ness, but it was icecream like, and pretty good.

Last night I was driving home and saw something strange. A guy and girl were running, and had a dog on a leash, but there was another fluffy furry thing in the girls arms. I was straining to look and I think it was another tiny dog tucked under her arm! I just felt bad for that dog because it was being swung and jostled with every step, it was strange. I have seen weird things on that road though. One night I saw a girl leading a horse down the sidewalk, and this is NOT the country, it is city, right off the highway, I had no clue where they were going. But it was amusing.


  1. That is really cool that your church is doing this. That would be interesting! I'm sorry the black bean stir-fry wasn't that good. Keep us update on what else you eat during this, so interesting!!

  2. I've had the same thing happen! It's always such a bummer when things that shouldn't stick do anyway...just last night my sweet potato fries totally stuck to the foil lined pan I baked them on...ugh!

    Don't give up though...I bet the black bean stir fry was awesome :)