Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Daniel Fast day 8

I've been so bad at cooking this last week. I had a cold all week. One day my 'meals' consisted of a bowl of oatmeal, some prunes and a spoon of natural pb. Not quite the well rounded meal plan. But since I mostly laid on the couch sleeping entire day, I think it was ok.

The next day I made this Jamaican Chili. I'm not sure what made it "Jamaican" maybe because it had parsley in it? It was ok, might be better if you like parsley more than I do.

This Daniel fasting has been hard! I'm a pretty healthy cook, and go vegetarian quite often, but there seems to be a big difference between vegetarian and vegan, which is pretty close to this Daniel fast. Anyway, a week and a half left and the concentrating on God part has been good.

So in the beginning of the month my mom stopped by my work to deliver me these flowers

I was having a particularly hard day and she just wanted to give me some flowers to cheer me up. And told me to look at the flowers and be reminded how much she loves me, and more so, how much God loves me. Which of course teared me up. I love my mom. They were on my desk at work for a whole week, and then lasted another almost 2 weeks at home on the table! It was a nice reminder.

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  1. Moms are the best, aren't they?! Very pretty flowers!!! And way to go on the Daniel Fast, you are rocking it! I kinda want to do this because I know it would be really hard for me!