Tuesday, March 13, 2012


BSF aka Bible Study Fellowship

so while I am working a somewhat flexible, hourly paid job, I thought I would take advantage of that and attend a women's bible study group that meets in the mornings. There were so many women there! I wondered how they were so lucky they didn't have to be at work, but who knows, maybe they had to go right after like I did too.

Anyway, I am excited for the study. I was raised Christian, and have made that my choice for my adult life as well, but have never really been that good about studying my Bible. So I'm hopeful that this class will teach (and encourage) me how to do that. You meet every week and every BSF class (in the entire world!) is studying the same passage and has the same questions. I think that is really cool. So you have the class for the first hour, and then a large group sermon on the next week's chapters. Then you have assignments readings/more questions for the next week.

Two of my book club friends attend, and another friend from InterVarsity. So that is really nice. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to go to the morning classes, but for now carpe diem!

For anyone interested you can find a location near you- www.bsfinternational.org


  1. That is awesome Anne!!! I have heard such great things about BSF! I use http://BiblePlan.org/faq and it sends me Bible verses everyday (3 chapters Mon - Sat and 4 chapters on Sun) to get through the Bible in a year. It is awesome, I'm in Ruth right now and I love that I'm doing it. Keep me posted on BSF, I'm anxious to hear more about it!:)

  2. girl. maybe i could come. where do you live again? we actually really do need to meet up. seriously.