Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Daniel Fast day 11

Last night I made Rice & Cabbage Casserole. My mother-in-law makes super tasty cabbage rolls so I thought I'd like it. Not quite the same. The other thing too this blog lady says 'when you feel lazy make a casserole'... um, ok, I had to boil rice separately, chop and steam cabbage, blend up tomatoes, saute the onions, and then simmer in a sauce before finally putting it in the casserole dish and baking for 20 minutes. What was lazy about that!?! And what was lazy about having 5-6 separate pots to wash? Craziness.

Speaking of craziness. When I drove to book club at my friend's last week I started seeing things splatter on my windshield. I wondered if it was raining. It didn't last long, and the next morning, by the light of day I saw this:

Hundreds of teeny flies died as I drove to book club. The next day they were so crusty. I was at another friend's house and her husband came and scraped them off with a piece of wood. But they still left black spots behind and I haven't wanted to get out there with a sponge. Yuck! Hopefully it will rain soon!

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  1. That was funny that the lady said to make casseroles when you are lazy. I have a favorite mexican casserole I make at least once a week but it is a lot of work! Making ground turkey, boiling rice, making the sauce. So. Many. Dishes. But so good!