Thursday, January 5, 2012

post office

Well my new year is off to a pretty bad start. But I remain hopeful, and I trust God whatever happens, and that gives me peace.

Yesterday I went to the post office, usually my husband has been doing the post office runs since he gets off work earlier, but it was me. It was really amusing. There was a guy there who just had a giant box not even taped up or addressed, and he was having the clerk help him pack it. He must have been a 'regular' because the clerk was talking to him like "Marshall, here's where you're going to address it, no- look where I'm pointing, so you can just step aside and fill it out and come right back to me. You aren't even listening." And to that, Marshall said, "I was listening you said to step aside, and I could come back, and you said I wasn't listening." We all laughed in line. The only problem was I looked at some tiger stamps, and then said I wanted the other ones, and she hadn't voided the first. So I am driving home thinking how did I just spend $30 at the post office? So I had to go back and get them.

Then last night I watched this show called Mobbed. Apparently it's a Howie Mandel show with those flash mobs, and they choose someone 'worthy' and flash mob them and then it's like a person with a secret or something to tell that person. Last night's was a girl who was just sitting there at dinner and then everyone gets up and all dances and singing. An entire mall of people. It was crazy. At the end it was some long distance internet bf, who they'd never even met in person, but he tells her he has a truck outside with all his stuff and if she says 'yes' then he'll stay in LA with her, and if not, he'll move back to Pittsburg. It was crazy. Seems like he put a lot of pressure on himself for future extravagant gestures, what can beat a flash mob of 500 people singing to you?? Next weeks trailer showed a mom getting 'mobbed' and at the end her daughter was going to reveal that she had a son. Anyway, I was thinking how fun it would be to be in part of those mobs. How does one get to do that??


  1. Haha... Anne I literally said the exact same things to Josh while watching the show: 1- I LOVED IT, 2- "Wow, how does he follow that up?!", 3- "I want to be part of a flash mob!" It totally cracked me up to see you writing exactly the words I said! :)

  2. I love "Mobbed"!!!! Such a fun show, I want to be part of one too!