Monday, January 9, 2012

New Car for the Week

I went home this weekend and my dad and I installed a new control arm on my car. It was hard, every single bolt needed to be heated with the blow torch to be able to get off. Definitely stuff I couldn't do alone. And so what if I mainly read the directions, jacked the car up, and held the lamp for Dad - I helped! :) Sometimes I dream about father/daughter car repair. We'd be so trustworthy! Something I think is missing in the world of car repair, but yeah, so far, no "Dad" takers.

Anyway, got back in the car and it was still making squeaking noises! Definitely better, but not all the way fixed. So I borrowed mom's car for the week while they took mine in to their car guy. I guess I need new strut mounts. Seems crazy to spend money on something that will just make it not-squeaky, it wasn't dangerous. But will help if I can ever try to sell this thing. I actually really like my car, it has been mostly faithful, but it is getting super high in miles.

Anyway, mom has this cute little ford focus.

It was such a smooth ride, and her car has so much faster acceleration and heated seats! Wow, is this how the other half lives everyday? It is a nice little car vacation.


  1. I adore your idea for a father/daughter car repair!! Most women hate going to get their car repaired because we are afraid the men are going to take advantage and rip us off. But if a woman was their to explain, it wouldn't be so bad. Genuis idea!!!:)

    I know we live far, but come on over to our group! We meet Wednesday nights!:)

  2. I love Saturns too, but you should get a civic. So reliable and easiest parts to find off craigslist IF you ever need to fix em. I miss being dad's lil flashlight holder, (when really it starts off with my grandiose idea that I can do most of the work myself). Sometimes Joel has me hold a light for him..maybe its a wigton thing?

  3. Lol, the other half. I like mom's car too..