Monday, January 30, 2012

Father Daughter Car Repair

So father-daughter car repair was busy this weekend. After hitting the deer a few weeks ago, the ol Saturn had damage to its fender, door, hood, and broke out the headlight. We got some insurance money, but to make it stretch even further, decided to do the repairs ourselves. My dad's car guy is still looking for a new door panel and fender, but he got me a new headlight which we installed this weekend.

The damage:

The new headlight

Getting ready to put the new one in:

New headlight!

We also installed a new car horn, my last one was so sickly sounding and was barely audible. So now I can honk at people to my hearts delight. Haha.

thanks father-daughter car repair! :)

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  1. No pics of dad sweating under the light of your flashlight? It seems so much easier than it is... "before.. after!"