Thursday, December 8, 2011

Very Small Group

The other night was small group. We started with around 14 people, and there were 5 of us on Tuesday. One couple had school, one guy was working, one couple has a 4 month old baby, one couple has a 5 week old baby, and sadly, the last couple just lost their unborn baby. So it was a meeting that was more sorrowful than usual. My heart hurts for them, and we prayed that they would come together stronger than before in this time.

I feel like I know so many women who have had miscarriages. I just got a call from another friend that she had one around Thanksgiving. So sad. It seems more common that one would think. I think I remember learning it's actually 1 in 3, but some of those include women who didn't even know yet they were pregnant.

I can't imagine how terrible it would be. God give them strength and peace!

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