Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bathroom Chats

Wow. I can’t believe it’s the first of December already. And I am 30 and 1/3. Geez, time flies.

Yesterday I was in the bathroom at work and I could overhear these women talking about their love for chips. It was amusing.

Lady 1: I love chips
Lady 2: Me too, I could live on them. Although it wouldn’t be healthy.
Lady 1: Have you ever had chip cookies?
Lady 2: No, but I want the recipe.
Lady 1: I like the folded ones.
Lady 2: I like plain.
Lady 1: I love all chips.
Lady 1: Except Better Made chips.
Lady 2: They are a poor excuse for chips.
Lady 1: They don’t even count as chips.

I was in my stall stifling a laugh. It just went on and on! But I totally agree on the dislike for Better Made chips, sorry Detroit, not your best.

Speaking of the bathroom, the other day on the door of the office bathroom stall this poem appeared:

“If you sprinkle when you tinkle, get to your feet and wipe the seat.”

Catchy, no? But something about it bugs me. I also hate coming into the bathroom and having stuff on the seat – although in random person’s defense – sometimes it’s just toilet flushing spray water. Anyway, I kept thinking about a response poem, like “If you don’t like cleaning up after slobs, maybe it’s time to look for other jobs…” I laughed, but I think it’s kind of mean, so I didn’t write anything. Someone’s just trying to make their job easier!

Last night Hubb’s grandpa had a couple minor strokes. Today he is in the hospital for tests. I felt like a listening/supportive failure because that stupid health side of me is just instantly thinking about the health part- and not the emotional part. So I start to ask a question, and then instantly say “nevermind”. But of course, that doesn’t fly in our house, so he kept asking me what I was going to say and I have to ask: “isn’t stroke one of the 3 leading causes of death?” Um… sorry about that. Luckily it was just us, and my husband in the medical field and is real about things, but that would not have been good to say in front of anyone else. And he knows I do care, I’m just awkward. I don’t understand why I can be so cold and factual about that stuff – I do care!!

Anyway, we are hoping and praying for good test results today for grandpa.

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