Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cleaning and Concerts

This weekend was a good one. Hubbs and I finally cleaned our nasty apartment. You know it's been too long when you reach for something on your bathroom counter and your nail scrapes the counter and gets a crusty toothpaste glob under it. EW! So we cleaned one night and brought out the down comforter for the bed.

On Saturday night we went to a friend's house for our annual Elf party. Pretty much just a chance for the ol' college gang to get together, have potluck dinner together, and talk and laugh while Elf is playing in the background. There were a lot of babies this year! But it was great to get together and catch up on everyones lives. Good times!

Two elves

And then Sunday we picked up my grandparents and went to my parents Christmas choir concert.

Afterwards we went to their house and had snacky stuff and talked with my parents friends, it was really a good fun time. They have some funny friends. My favorite is this one lady who told me once that God made her using all the leftover parts. She described it as if God was standing in front of an assembly line... "small, squinty eyes", "check", "big nose", "check", "big boobs", "check", it was hilarious. I really like her.

The not so cool part of this weekend was my car wouldn't start on Sunday. And of course no one is open then either. So Monday I had to have it towed somewhere and worked on while I had to be dropped off super early at work, and get picked up late, because Hubbs and I had to carpool. Anyway, now I'm feeling dumb because it ended up being like a $300 dollar "tune-up", for something like spark plugs that I know how to do myself. Oh well, I'm not a good car diagnoser, and that's half the battle, plus cold outdoor car repair is another serious deterrent.

Anyway, I need to google some 'natural snore remedies'. The last 2 nights I've been woken up by the Hubbs, and then am later subsequently tired and grumpy. I know it's just because he somehow gets on his back and then snores away. Once I read to sew a tennis ball on the back of a shirt because then they will unconsciously not lay on their back- but I can't sew a ball onto his skin. So I just end up waking up and trying to roll him over. Oh well, comes with the territory I guess.

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