Friday, December 9, 2011

Night Fights

Last night I was woken up in the early morning hours by a swift elbow to the neck. I, of course, woke up and said "OW!!" then I elbowed Andrew's back till he woke up and told him that he'd hit me. He said he was sorry and rolled over. This morning he kissed me goodbye and I grumpily ignored him. Then later sent an apology text and said I guess I was just mad still about the elbowing. He said he didn't even remember. Thanks!

As I was getting ready to leave I did remember this other time he told me where he was dreaming that a rat was on his side so he hit it with his elbow over and over. As he was doing this, he started waking up, and realizing that it was me he was repeatedly hitting. Somehow I slept through that one, but I always laugh when I think of when he told me about it, and his impression of him "killing the rat", "YA!, YA!, YA!" with each elbow. So funny.

It could be worse. His brother's wife told me she's been woken up by being punched, kicked, having handfuls of her hair being pulled. Ouch!

This weekend is going to be a busy one. Two work parties for Hubbs and mine on Saturday night. But should be fun!

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