Friday, December 16, 2011


My poor baby was stranded by the side of the road this morning. About a mile from his work. His car died and he sat there about 20 minutes, then it started again and then died right in front of his work. He felt bad because another person had taken the day off so they were short staffed. By the time I woke up, got ready, turned my phone on and got his message he'd been sitting there for an hour just waiting for the tow truck to come while he could have walked inside and been working!

This month is going to be an expensive car month for us. Two weeks ago my car wouldn't start as we were trying to leave for church. We ended up carpooling to work for a few days while mine got towed to the shop and repaired. Stupid thing is, it ended up just needing a "tune up" and I was charged almost $300 for 2 hours of "labor" to replace spark plugs... um, why can I do that myself in under and hour and it takes you guys 2 hours?? Rrrr.... miss having my dad closer in these situations. I can help him fix stuff, but I can't diagnose car problems. A very useful skill. Anyway, last time we go to the "Christian" car repair shop!

Hubbs got his brakes fixed the month before and they charged him $400. He fixed the other ones with his friend last weekend for under $50. It is rediculous how car shops rip people off.

For awhile I wanted to start a father and daughter car repair, but my dad wasn't all that excited, I thought it would be great!

My one favorite car guy, a retired engineer from Saturn got too busy to help with my car and then my second favorite car guy moved to Arizona for a job. So now I'm stuck with whoever is closest when my car breaks down.

While I think we still save money because we don't have a monthly car payment, it stinks because those breakdowns always occur at such horrible times. And you never know how much they'll set you back.

Dear Santa, please bring us two new cars :)

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