Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Review

Since this guy was out of town on a hiking trip with his brother

I mostly spent the weekend with this guy

And it was nice.

To "prepare" for the new Breaking Dawn movie I re-watched the 3rd movie Eclipse, which made me want to watch parts of New Moon, and also parts of Twilight. I pretty much watched all 3 movies again. And of course it made me want to re-read the books... The problem with these movies/books is that it speaks to women's need to be loved and appreciated. And I get that, God designed us different from men that way to need that more, but it makes it seem like being worshiped is something that we should expect and that I think is dangerous. My husband loves me, would sacrifice himself for me, but he does not worship me. And he shouldn't. That's the only thing I don't like about the books - unhealthy relationship! But otherwise I do love the story. I should have made a mark on the movie for every time I've seen it- I have probably seen Twilight at least 8 times. Don't judge.

There was one part in the movie I laughed out loud- when Jacob (in wolf form) was standing up to the alpha wolf and his voice sounded like he was being autotuned or speaking into one of those kid's microphones. And his 'wolf vision' also made me laugh. It was supposed to be serious, but I couldn't help laughing, it just seemed silly.

Since Hubbs was gone this weekend I pretty much kept meals low key. But after my third meal of scrambled eggs I decided to make some chili

my pot was getting so full! and just as I was wondering if that was the biggest pot I owned, I remembered the corn-on-the-cob pot

much more appropriately sized :)

I used up the turkey burgers that we bought, but are always too dry, and added lots of spices and it was pretty yummy.

Hubbs came home with all of his fingers and toes unfrozen and we had a nice night catching up.

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