Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bike Lights

Today after work Hubbs is going to “Bike Lights” with his co-workers. They all decorated their bikes and they are going to ride around together through the city looking at Christmas lights. How fun! I love that he is in a place where people are friendly and fun and like a community. I do like a lot of the people at my work, but the most I’ve ever done outside of work was to be exploited at a candle party, lol.

So last night he wheeled his bike into our apartment and we decorated it with the lights. At first the strand wasn’t lighting up. We make sure ever bulb was plugged in, but still nothing. I looked inside the battery box part and it looked like the wire wasn’t really touching the battery so I told him he should try squeezing it with the pliers- and it worked! He then told me “thanks babe, you could be an electrician”… awwww….

He has been so super helpful lately, I really appreciate it and feel so lucky to be with someone who helps me and makes life easier. I actually was home last night in time to make dinner and he just asks me “what do you want me to make?” and starts chopping up the food. Love it! World’s greatest husband!

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