Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Book Club

Last night was book club. We read the book The Language of Flowers, which was really a great book. It was my turn to host. This time I could not think of anything I wanted to make- so I decided on new recipes. Always a risky gamble, but mostly turned out well. I made a pot roast, garlic roasted brussell sprouts, a upside-down potato onion tart and for dessert, Ultimate Chocolate Chip n' Oreo Fudge Brownie Bar. The dessert was super rich, but yummy.

The pot roast recipe was from one of Hubb’s co-workers. It asked for a whole jar of horseradish to be spread on top. It was like, “don’t worry, the flavor will mellow after hours of cooking and your guests will wonder what the delicious flavor is”….. Well, the flavor wasn’t horrible, but it was still pretty strong and I felt like the horseradish took away from the delicious flavor of the meat. But the sprouts were good and the tart, although I should’ve baked it in the nonstick pan instead of the metal pan because it kind of stuck when I tried to flip it, were tasty. Poor Hubbs went to our small group last night without me, and before he was leaving he kept saying “I like food” and “how come I don’t get fancy food” :( I try Hubbs! I do try! At least I did make a menu for this week and we have had good food every night, so I think I’m doing good.

Anyway, we were talking last night about how hard it is to make friends once you’re older and it is true. We have made some friends through church, and Hubb’s work friends, but otherwise not so much. We were just sharing last night about how much we love our book club, and the fact that being ‘forced to hang out once a month’ has really bonded us. I’m so thankful for girl friends!

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  1. Everything was delicious and I am so happy to see you all at least once a month! :)