Monday, April 3, 2017

5 month update

Little guy is 5 months old. Time is flying! He's got the start of one tooth. He alternates between getting up just once a night to every now and then he'll still wake up every 2-3 hours. He's still only on breast milk and for the most part doing really well. He can sit supported in the Bumbo but not on his own. He can stand supported for several minutes, strong legs! We know he can roll over both ways but he hasn't done that in quite a while. He's still in our room, maybe this will be his last month. We'll see.
Every month I get this jumparoo out of the closet but I still think it's too big for him, he loves to push his legs against you when you're holding him, but doesn't seem to understand what to do when he gets in here, he just sits and then his arm goes down the leg hole and he gets scared and needs rescuing.
He sat in his chair long enough earlier last week to let me rake out my front garden beds, I'm excited to see my plants grow!
Enjoying this little chewie on his new tooth. That night was a doozy, every time he woke up (every hour that night) he woke up screaming and he never does that. Luckily that was just 2 nights. And Doug is debuting his first haircut by yours truly, not bad if I do say so myself!
Baby still loves bathtime. We seem to only do this weekly, he just gets too dry if more often!
Treated Matt and Rachel (and Miralie) to Indian food as a thanks for watching August these last weeks while we had our Apologetics class.
A boy and his cat. September is a little more curious of August these days. She'll come nearby and sniff him, but she still keeps a good distance.
5 months seems both so long and so short. I definitely feel busy these days. Hardly time to myself or for house cleaning, blog writing, homework, book club book reading, Bible studying. Always behind on my to-do list. Never enough quality-time with Doug, often just talking about logistics and passing August back and forth. I am thankful we're in this together, and it's good, but definitely miss "our time".
August has his appointment with the cardiologist for his heart murmur this Thursday, so pray for him! Thanks :)

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