Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter weekend

Doug and I had a wonderful weekend together. Saturday we went on a family walk that ended up being about 3 hours. It was so nice.
we got this retro baby backpack on craigslist and are all liking it
altho maybe some was a little too jostled around...
I made this tasty sausage and veggie pan for dinner then we went back out. Doug, with the help of my dad and his brother, had re-sided the North wall of our house. It had a bunch of holes in the siding and underneath Doug found rotten wood and not enough insulation, so now not only does it look better but it is a more solid wall too!
So I helped him hang the shutters and started weeding my flower beds while August chilled on a blanket nearby.
Sunday we went to my parent's church, I had really wanted to hear the traditional Easter hymns, especially "Lift High the Cross" but we were a couple minutes late and missed it! :(
After church we went to my parent's house, they hosted Doug's parents too and we had a really nice dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes, kale salad, homemade rolls, broccoli, and several different desserts. In the afternoon I snuck off for a quick nap and then we all just hung around and talked until Doug's parents left, and my dad made my favorite pancakes for us :)
We got some nice family pics:
someone else took a little Easter nap too :)
Happy Easter, He is risen!!

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  1. OH my gosh I LOVE when they sleep on their side like that!! Hehe they just look so sweet and pooped out