Monday, April 24, 2017

We are (second) homeowners!

Friday we closed on our new house. Let the great rental property adventure begin!
I'm still pretty nervous about it, but trying to trust Doug and all the work/research he's put into this already. I know it can be a great source of passive/retirement income someday, so I'm at least trying to be supportive and willing to give it a try.
A virtual tour:
I loved the bright yellow door.
kitchen and doorway to the mudroom/laundry room. Small but surprisingly decent amount of storage space.
living room
view down hall, 2 closets, 3 bedrooms/1 bath
view from the kitchen into the dining room
All in all I thought it was small but kinda cute and in a decent area close to a popular city and by freeways.
Doug's brother moved in for a couple weeks so it won't sit empty. We are doing some minor things like painting, changing locks, and Doug has to get his rental property license finalized and then we will begin looking for a tenant. I hope everything will go smoothly!
So we will be staying put in our house at least another year or two. I'm excited to get my spring gardening started, my parents are in Israel and when they return mom will come help me get things tilled and planted. I'm excited! I always said fall was my favorite season, but I really really love spring. It's so beautiful with everything budding and growing and the days are warmer and brighter, fall and spring may be a tie for favorites!

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  1. Spring is always my favorite. I love all the new life and beautiful trees and flowers blooming! I can totally see the struggle deciding between spring and fall. I love both.