Monday, March 20, 2017

weekend update

Not a lot new going on over here. Doug and I are still busy with our Apologetics class. I'm back in a nursing class, he's taking a welding class. Working, seeing friends, making food, and raising this baby.
Liz and I went over to hang out with Erin a couple days last week
August hanging out with Ben
Daddy/son bedtime story
Tisiphone came over to meet August and hang out, it was nice to catch up with her
yesterday was a first: first time baby toes on the grass! Then Doug held him while I picked up sticks from the windstorm last week. About 45 mins and only like 1/5 the yard cleared!
My mom said when I was a baby our house in Detroit didn't have a yard, so the first time my toes touched grass I was afraid and cried. August didn't seem to care either way.
Mama/son time while daddy went to the movies with a friend
This weekend Doug and I had the opportunity to go out to dinner and a movie with Liz and Mark while his parents watched August. I'm sure that this wasn't our first time out, but it really seemed like maybe only the second. Liz was like "do you miss him?" *cricket cricket* can't lie, kind of nice to be baby-free for a bit.
And the movie Hidden Figures was awesome, I highly recommend it. Teared up a few times.
Yesterday looked out the window to see a little kitty hiding in the crook of the tree hoping a bird would come to the feeder. I made Doug go get her down so she couldn't pounce on anything!
This morning woke up to find this little guy halfway under the mesh barrier between our beds. It may be time to move him to his crib. I was really shooting for 6 months. And especially on nights like last night when he woke up 4 times, I really do not want to be trudging to another room to get him, it's so nice having him close. But I don't want it to be dangerous for him either. We shall see.

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  1. Aw I like the outdoor toes in grass mommy/Augs pic! That had to have been the awesome 70° day...
    I hope I didn't make you feel guilty asking that! I just remember the mixed emotions the first time we got away--the mommy fretting that never totally goes away...But also the joy of..FREEDOM!! Haha