Tuesday, October 6, 2015

weekend update

Another nice long 3 day weekend home with Doug.
Friday was really the only somewhat sunny day of the weekend, I did go ahead and paint a coat around the bay window. Slightly regretting it, but Doug likes it, and the wood will be more protected by the outside paint.
Doug and I also checked out a cidermill closer to our house (but we think we'll stick with the further, yet tastier donuts one!)
It was supposed to be my work weekend, but I traded someone so I could have Saturday off for my friend Rachel's baby shower
Such tasty food and I loved her pretty flower arrangements
Being at the baby shower fueled a desire to make her a quilt. She is having, what I keep calling, but probably should stop calling, a 'unisex' baby. And of course she isn't, she just didn't find out the gender so I wasn't excited about making a present, but then I wanted to.
Another co-worker had worked my Sunday so she could go to the doctor on Monday, so I had that day off too! Doug and I checked out a church for the second time, we thought it started at 10 so were surprised it was only 1/2 hour with one song... turns out it had started at 9, whoops! Then we had a really good conversation about how our church hunt is going, and then I spent several hours making Rachel's baby a quilt
picking fabrics is fun
This is my first quilt I kinda just started cutting and sewing with no real pattern
the front is ready (I kinda wish I did a less bold green, but too late now!)
backed it with a nice soft green flannel back and stuffed with quilt batting
Edged in brown, all done! I really whizzed through that thing. I hope she likes it, and I partly hope it's a boy with all that green, brown, and blue.
Doug's friend Thor moved in with us for a couple weeks, he had lost his job and couldn't afford his rent. It makes me feel bad the way he seemed to walk on eggshells the first few days, I can definitely be too controlling, I wish I was better at making people feel welcome. So Doug cleared out the small bedroom for him and cleaned the garage. He made this picture wall in the garage hanging up a bunch of frames I had just sitting in a pile
Makes me smile
I am also proud of my zinnias I planted from seeds this spring, so big!
this sweet kitty makes me smile
and a pic of me and Ben from hanging with Liz last week. This was probably before he puked all over my lap
I must be getting some kind of cold. My nose was running of course right at bedtime and then I couldn't sleep. This morning was Bible study, and should do a little homework still before I pick up my parent's at the airport. I would really like to go back to laying out the couch reading, I'm a third through Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers, she is a Christian author who often writes of God's redeeming power. I'm in the part where she is having her back to God and it hurts to read of her bad choices. I can't wait till the part where she returns to God. And shout out- you have never sinned too bad for God to take you back. He LOVES you. He is happy to forgive and completely forget your sin.
Just in case anyone needs to hear that. I always like hearing it too.


  1. Wow the quilt is awesome! And I love the paint on the bay windows too!!!