Monday, October 12, 2015

weekend update

Last week Doug and I went grocery shopping, Meijer was doing their 10 for $10 deal (actually buy 10 and get 11 for $10) and one thing in the sale was organic tofu. So after googling that it can be frozen I got 11 cubes, and saved $30. Now, we don't normally do tons of soy or soymilk at all, but it is organic and I think the breast cancer/estrogen thing is really not as correlated as much as other diet/factors in the US diet, so I'm not worried about weekly tofu eating.
Fried up my cubes in (too much) oil with dashes of soy sauce
stir fried my veggies
together with some pre-made House of Tsang schezuan stir fry sauce, and it was delicious
This weekend was a mix of sleeping in, walks with Doug, and hanging with friends.
Saturday we went to a Planned Parenthood protest. Doug's fourth, my first. Yikes. It was rough. People yelled at us, gave us the finger, some lady swerved over in her car to scream out her window at us. Yikes. There were also beeps of agreement, but it was hard. I was telling Doug I'm not really sure that protesting actually does anything, but then came home and was reading Reader's Digest and in the Points to Ponder section it had a quote saying "... protest is disruption, protest is confrontation, protest is the end of silence, and it creates space for the other work to happen." True and it is doing something, even if small.
After that not-so-fun event we went to the cider mill and met up with some of Doug's friends.
Gorgeous day. Good donuts and cider, fun with friends. Then out to eat at Red Robin. Our waiter sang some Bruno Mars song to Doug's friend since it was their anniversary. Which was fun.
Sunday we went to church and Bible study with Matt and Rachel. It was good. Then we went to their house for brunch. Rachel always makes tasty food. Their nursery is super cute and just waiting for the baby to come!
Then we headed home. I worked on homework and Doug is still working on insulating the crawl space. We took a nice walk and then ate leftovers and watched a movie. Nice weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! And I admire your bravery to protest!