Monday, October 26, 2015

weekend update

Short weekend when you have to work. But Friday Doug and I went to a friend's wedding. It was good food and fun dancing. One of my ex-boyfriend's was a groomsman and I ran into him coming out of the bathroom, it was actually nice to catch up a little. Turns out he's been living on the street right next to where I lived with Jill for 2 years.
Saturday and Sunday were complete work opposites. Saturday my patients were so easy that I was actually bored at times. Sunday I started out with 6, discharged 4, and got 2 new ones. I don't like that revolving door of patients, but that's how it goes some days.
One nice thing about working weekends (actually, the only nice thing besides an extra $2 an hour) is Doug has been driving me and picking me up on those days.
He brought me this nice treat for the ride home.
Also he will occasionally entertain me with stories/pictures about what he's doing while I'm at work. This last Saturday he went kayaking with some buddies down the river that's across the street from our house.
sigh, I love fall!
so cute!
I would totally trade that $2 for being off on days my husband is off. Oh well, weekends is part of the territory with nursing. And it's really just every third.
So a person in our neighborhood has 2 really nice apple trees just dropping apples all over the street. The other day mom brought over a homemade pie crust... I'm wondering, is there a polite way to ask someone if you can pick their apples? I can't think of a way to do this... "hey-- you gonna eat that?" is all that comes to mind. Maybe let me pick your apples today, you get piece of pie tomorrow? I don't know, but I want those apples!

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