Monday, September 28, 2015

day in the life (work day)

Every workday I wake up at 6am. Ordinarily Doug is already gone, but this last Friday he had off. Normally when I get up Doug has already given September her breakfast and she's snoozing again in her hammock. But since I was the first one up she was eager to meet me as I opened our door. She's so cute how she runs down the hall to her bowl, glancing over her shoulder to make sure you're coming to feed her. Then she politely waits by her bowls.
Every workday I eat the same thing. 1/4 c. oatmeal made with water, a spoon of chia seeds and splash of almond milk. Usually I top it with a small handful of chocolate chips and slivered almonds. But I was out of both, so I did a sprinkle of brown sugar, cranberries and pecans. It's a good breakfast and usually keeps me full for several hours.
My little family
Load up my pockets, grab my lunch and water bottle and I'm off. I'm out the door usually 6:35 and I love living so close to work!
I have to park so far in the very back of the lot, I don't even know how far, maybe a quarter mile when you count the lot, then thru the parking structure, then down the hall to my elevator. Dark sky!
quick selfie while trying to not be seen taking a selfie
I never know how my day will go, but that day I got to take my first break at 12. (we get a 45 min break so most people split into 15 breakfast and 30 lunch later). But there are other days when I am too busy for a break at all. Our managers had got stuff for 'walking tacos' for some appreciation day. And it was appreciated! Pretty much ground beef put into a bag of fritos, they had cheese, lettuce and tomatoes and then you could hypothetically walk off. I however, sat and watched a bit of HGTV :) very tasty.
I snuck away again around 3 or 4 for my other break and ate what I had packed for my breakfast break.
Everyday seems like a busy day at work.
Walking back to the car around 7:45pm. Getting dark again already!
I get home around 8 and am usually hungry, tired, and either cranky or borderline cranky unfortunately. We reheated the cheeseburger soup and made corn-on-the-cob for a quick dinner together. The next day I was only working a half day in the afternoon so we stayed up a bit.
Icecream and the Age of Adeline, it was ok/good.
While I was at work Doug went to pick up his new Jeep. Hopefully it will be a reliable ride for many years.
Without sharing any of the excitement/drama/but also tedium details at work, that's a typical day. Go-go-go for 12+ hours and then come home too tired to do much of anything. But the days at work do usually fly by.

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  1. Love the work day in the life and hearing about your eats too! :) Do you enjoy being a nurse? The schedule and the pace?