Tuesday, September 8, 2015

hosting gift

We're back! What an adventure. We went down to Missouri over the holiday weekend for my friend Jill's wedding, and then continued on down to Tulsa to see my old roommate Kristen. Such a great weekend, great visits, good talks, good food, but long long drives and adventures involving a tow truck on both ways! More about that another day, first I'm going to talk about this fun craft I made for a hostess gift.
I followed this blog post to make DIY stenciled tea towels. First I got some white cotton fabric at Joann's, altho I thought it was too thin. Later I found some plain white towels at Meijer, so if I do it again I can use those. I also bought a tube of fabric paint and then printed the stencil onto cardstock. I didn't bother with spray adhesive, just held it down while I sponged on the paint.
sponging on the design
hemming the towel
sewing on the lines for the birds
I thought it was a nice gift combined with a jar of honey from Liz's dad's bees and a jar of my tomato jam.
Here we are, a united family again. This was last night after leaving Tulsa at 3am and getting home after 11pm, tired!
And a bit of 'harvest' from my garden after being gone. My pepper finally turned from green! But has been munched on by something. I think our friend over-watered my garden because the tomato plants especially are looking pretty soggy and dead leaves :( too bad, it's so hard to keep stuff alive!

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  1. Love the craft, super cute!!! And the honey and jam is such a nice touch on such a personal gift!
    Also love the family pic, adorbs!