Monday, October 20, 2014

sweetest day

My sweetie brought me some treats for sweetest day.
Fun flowers and chocolate covered strawberries, mmmm
I had made this cauliflower alfredo from my favorite food blog girl.
I had that cauliflower in the fridge a couple weeks, I just never felt like making the recipe. But no grocery shopping in a couple weeks has made me desperate, and so I cooked it up. It was quick and easy. And honestly it was delicious the first time. But Doug didn't love it, and it wasn't quite as good the next day, so I'm not sure if I'll make it again.
Speaking of my favorite blog people, food blog girl had a baby and has been much less active, another favorite blogger has almost completely dropped off the face of the internet, and my very favorite home blog has decided to stop blogging after 7 years. I applaud their decision for their family, there were some definite sacrifices being made there, but I'll miss it. And just when I'm getting a home!! Alas. I do still have a few more blogs I really like, I hope they stay! :)
Sunday I spent most of the day studying
Jill cooked up a feast
it was glorious
she made chicken stir fry from scratch and chicken biriyani from a starter packet (I will definitely be buying that, it was so good!)
And today was my LAST exam!! (of my ADN program, I still have to do the BSN completion program) I ended up passing this last semester with an A and a B+. Woot.
Seems like this 2 years flew by. I remember my first day, and my first exam where I sobbed in the hall after it, and many many times saying 'no' to stuff so I could study. I can't believe there was a time where I thought I would go to nursing school and not tell anyone till my surprise graduation. Haha, I think that stemmed more from a fear of public failure, but I'm glad I let people in, I have needed this support and encouragement!
October 2014 future RNs:
Yay! We did it!

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  1. YAYAYA Congrats!! It feels like just yesterday you told me you were enrolling, time sure flies! So so proud of you friend!!!