Friday, October 17, 2014

sweet dreams

I knew people at work were giving me a luncheon today, I still have a week and a half left, but today must have been a good day.
What I did not know was that they all chipped in for the cost of materials, and one of the ladies at work made me a quilt!
(thanks Jill's bed for modeling)
This lady has won awards for her quilts, and having made one quilt myself (and never another, SO time intensive) I could really appreciate how much work went into it. I was really touched they all did that for me!
And this sweet little tag
Doug and I had registered for our shower and also said if people wanted to contribute towards a mattress that would be great, and people really blessed us. We went mattress shopping this week and it will be delivered just in time, I'm looking forward to seeing how the quilt looks in our room. How fun!
This job has been such a great opportunity for me as I've been going through school and I'm going to miss it!
I would've liked to stay a bit longer, but for the 'nurse tech' position you have to be a student, and as of next monday I will be done! So it seemed a good stopping point to be right before the wedding. Now we can get married, honeymoon, and come back and study for my license exam, and then hopefully find a job somewhere!

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  1. The quilt is so beautiful!! And congrats on the mattress!!! I can't believe school is almost over and you will be married soon. WOOHOO!!!