Thursday, October 9, 2014

busy week

Earlier last week my friend brought a new life into this world
sweet little Ezekiel. I went and saw him on day 2 and I was so impressed at how well my friend was an instant mom. She was picking him up with ease and he was feeding like a champ.
I was very busy last week studying.
study, study, study, and only got a C. Boo. One exam and a couple assignments and then I'm done! I cannot believe it went so fast.
I made this Chicken Biriyani:
It was really good. Doug came over for dinner one night and we ate it, and then the next night I brought some to Liz and we went to see Gone Girl. Our book club had read the book and it was pretty close to it. We both wondered what was up with the wife's strange voice, but it was pretty well made and almost as thought provoking as the book.
I also made these cookies, not too shabby and pretty healthy with mostly bananas, oats, and some chocolate
My handy man has been working on house stuff to prepare for 'our home'.
He installed this light with a motion sensor since his street is really dark and sometimes it's hard to find the key hole. It may have a couple bugs that we haven't figured out quite yet with sensitivity and a timing setting, but otherwise works!
He also has been working on my closet! Whoever had this closet before had jacked up the drywall and the inside walls, so it was either completely re-drywall, or cover it up with wallpaper. So cover we did! Doug did a great job and re-installed the bar and will re-install the shelf for me too. Yay! So pretty.
But he still needs me:
Today was a beautiful day and Mr. Becks and I went for a walk
He enjoyed trotting through the crunchy leaves
and now off to book club!


  1. 1. Love the new light on the front porch, so cute!
    2. Your sunglasses are so stinkin' cute!!
    3. Your wedding is coming up so quick, cannot wait!
    4. Thanks for the oatmeal tip on my blog, I never thought to put chia seeds or chocolate chips in it. YUM!!

  2. Haven't seen Gone Girl yet but I didn't notice in the preview her voice was deep. But thought that was just cause I was used to the girl who read it for the audiobook...