Saturday, October 25, 2014

one week to go!

another busy week.
I took my last exam and now I am a graduate nurse!!
Doug took me to Chili's for dessert to celebrate and we had a good time playing Plants vs. Zombies on their tabletop computer things.
So addicting!
Other happenings this week:
The cutest little girl in the world turned 1!!
Oh my gosh I'm so sad to be so far away while she grows up :(
I went up to my parents and made desserts for our dessert buffet.
my favorite ginger molasses cookies and Hershey's chocolate cake
my grandmother's hot milk sponge cake
while I was home I harvested the crop of gourds we planted for our wedding. A bumper crop it was not, but how cute are these little guys!?
Friday night Doug came with me to an unofficial pinning ceremony with my nursing cohort. I guess our school used to do a ceremony but they don't anymore. Lame! So we did our own. This girl has this awesome barn and we all went over and brought food and drinks and bought our own RN pins and pinned each other. It was fun.
They had remodeled the barn and had this wall made of old MI license plates, it was really cool
We're so proud! 26 out of our class of 40 came while we were there, it was pretty fun. Those 2 years flew by! Now to pass the NCLEX and get a job!