Tuesday, May 3, 2011

House Cleaning

Hubbs and I got a new vacuum last weekend. Fascinating news, I know. We had registered for one for our wedding, and got it. But despite my research and reviews readings- it was a hunk of junk. It actually blew dust out in front of it as it went, and spit wads of lint out the back. I was on the phone with them for half an hour and this vacuum person walked me through taking apart my vacuum and pulling out like an 8-inch clump of lint. Then said vacuum person said I could do this every 6 months. No thank you!

My mom has a Rainbow vacuum that she has had for 30 years. I already hate vacuuming, and wanted to get something quality that will last, and I don't have to waste time doing things twice. So now we are the proud owners of this fine specimen. Works amazing.

Now if we can just get around to using it more than our once per month usual, our house won't be so dusty! :)


  1. YAYAYA congrats!!! That's exciting! We just purchased a new vacuum and it made a WORLD of difference! Enjoy!

  2. How is that vacuum you got 6 months ago holding up? Michelle and I don't really like our vacuum, but I'll admit our house is super tough on vacuums cause of all the pets.

    I looked into getting one of those Rainbows but sooo expensive!