Friday, April 15, 2011

Beggers CAN be choosers

I watched the show Secret Millionaire this weekend. I like the idea, though it is kind of funny how little they actually give. My hubbs sat next to me on the couch with his calculator and kept telling me according to how much money they have - that they were only giving away 3% and that we give away 10% in our tithe each month! But hopefully it gets those millionaires feeling good about doing good deeds and being more generous, it might inspire them to do more later.

In one section of the show the girl went to volunteer at a homeless kitchen. She went to set down a plate of food in front of a guy and he told her he was a vegetarian and he requested a special plate. Now, I was a vegetarian for about 5 years, and I get that. But really?? You're apparently too poor to buy your own food and are living off the generosity of other people and/or the government and you can't be thankful that you are given food for free? I wish someone would make me free dinners.

So I'm torn, I like this show, but it makes me mad at all the laziness and 'taking advantage-ness' that I saw. Another part of the show people rode around on bikes to find people to donate stuff too. They came across what appeared to be a group of stoners sitting on a beach and gave them free snacks and talked to them. I want free snacks! I want to sit around on a blanket on a sunny beach all day! But instead I have to go to work, to earn money, to buy groceries, and come home and make my own dinner. Life really isn't fair ;)

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  1. Steve Jobs has, at least publicly, given away none of his money. But I bet he's given like billions to cancer research anonymously.

    Then there's Larry Ellison, another CEO, who only gives like 1% and at one point in time he was the richest man on earth. Now he's #33 on the list! Guess God really does bless a cheerful giver. :)