Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A & A go to the circus

Everyone's always talking about how afraid they are of clowns, I don't get it. While the clowns we saw last weekend at the circus were, by far, not the humor we prefer, they were not scary either. How could this be scary? Anyway, the circus came to town last week and we decided to go check it out. I hadn't been to the circus since I was a kid, but after recently reading Water for Elephants (awesome book btw) I wanted to re-visit it. We excitedly drove to the big top. As we drove in we saw a group of protestors holding signs against 'Animal Slavery' that did put a damper on things, but once the show began we had a great time.

I liked this bicycling bear. Although, I'll admit, I did think of 'animal slavery' when I first saw this act. On the other hand, he did look like he was having a good time!

My other favorite was this man who ran on top of this wheel contraption thing. It was so nerve wracking to watch! But yeah, it was a good time, besides all the noisy children everywhere (what were they doing at the circus??) we had a great time :)

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