Friday, May 13, 2011

You're hot then you're cold

Katy Perry's song lyrics could describe the temperature of my life lately. Yesterday we had a really nice summery warm May day- but I step into our apartment and it was HOT. Why again did we get an apt on the second floor? I opened windows, but I could feel the cool air staying on its side of the screen. I went to bed at 85 degrees and woke up to 72.

Then I come into my office and my numb fingertips can hardly type on the keyboard. I've got my sweater on, and a blanket wrapped around my legs! I wish I could bottle up this air and take it home with me. I have daydreamed about storming out of here, it's funny because at times I have really hated my job, but the only time I've considered actually quitting was because I was fed up with being freezing cold. Better not do that, then I'd just be sweltering at home...

Maybe I'd better invest in some fingerless gloves and break back into my winter gear for a hat!

1 comment:

  1. Same problem here. I have to remember to keep a jacket or sweatshirt at work cause they're like "oh, it's hot out? better be FREEZING here!"
    like, no... why can't you just keep it the same year-round?