Tuesday, December 13, 2016

snow day

The other night we got 8 inches of beautiful snow. Doug made it off to work ok in the Jeep and me and August are still home. Yesterday I get a knock on the door and it's the UPS man dropping off a package. A few minutes later I hear some commotion and then another knock, it's the UPS man apologizing that he bumped our mailbox and moved it. No big deal, our mailbox isn't set in the ground, it's in a big ugly pot that I'd like Doug to replace anyway. So I ask if he's stuck and he says no and goes to drive away. Soon I hear much more commotion as now he is stuck in the ditch in our front yard.
Poor guy!
He tried several times to get out but couldn't. Eventually I came out in my snowpants with a shovel, but what can I really do to get a 2 ton truck out of a ditch!? He had already called the tow truck and didn't need to come wait in the house.
Anyway, they got him out and now we are the owners of these huge lawn ruts.
My neighbor stopped by today to tell me she'd taken pictures of the truck because she didn't know if I knew who did it or not. That was thoughtful! Can you imagine coming home to that and no explanation?! Anyway, poor guy, probably made him so behind in his day.
We had a nice toasty day inside and then later when the roads were all cleared went to book club. We read "A Man Called Ove" this time and it was so good!
While we were gone Doug spent hours building a fort around his firepit.
Hard to see in the picture with the white snow, but 2-3 foot walls off the corners of the deck, his dream is to make like a huge igloo around it. We'll see, of course wife Debbie Downer was asking why spend all that time when it's supposed to warm back up. But boys will be boys :) I have to admit a huge igloo with a firepit inside would be pretty cool. Get building!

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