Wednesday, December 7, 2016

life lately

Made a tasty dinner last night, bad picture though. Veggie burgers, side of roasted potatoes, and spicy acorn squash.
After dinner we ate some brownies and ice cream, listened to Christmas music and decorated the tree.
I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping! It's been really fun this year.
So there is a woman I used to work with at my old hospital job and she keeps sending me random gifts for August! It's super kind and generous, altho also a bit strange as I wasn't that close to her. I don't know, maybe she just loves babies and her love language is gift giving! Those little Santa feet are so fun.
Another gift he received were these fun books from my friend Missouri Jill. Moby Dick and Les Miserables, the second one has one page English/ one page French. Pretty cool, except I have no idea how to pronounce the French side!
I saw this one day and was laughing so hard:
Haha! So true! I'm always asking Doug to help me with something.
My brother and his family are coming to town in T- 1 week, so excited! I'm so happy I have this time off to enjoy it and really treasure the family time. It will be the first time they meet him and he meets his cousins, fun!
And now for a stream of August pictures:
blue eyes for now!
I find myself just wanting to remember every detail about him. I love his baby soft hair. It's so short on top and like an inch long in the back. A little mullet already! And it's always all mussed up when he's done nursing or sleeping. So precious.
sweet little baby
he liked his bath bucket more this time
in the family rocker, me and my siblings were all rocked in this chair, and now I get to rock my own baby.
I thought it was so sweet he was blowing bubbles, only later did I realize he had his first cold :( although he seems much better now! Praise God. Even a little cold made me so worried. He looks super blonde in this picture.
such a sweetie.


  1. I can help you with the French book!! And he is super cute!! Who is sending the gifts? My guess is Lisa or Karen?

    1. I totally thought of you when I opened the book! It's Karen :) I'm thinking I should go visit SJ one of these days before I go back