Wednesday, December 14, 2016

crafts and life lately

Can anyone relate to the extreme sadness of asking your husband to pick up chocolate covered peppermint Joe-Joes and he returns with plain ones? Oh the disappointment. But maybe I'll make it into a icecream pie, mmm.
So my sister sent me a care package with flannel cloth wipes but I had already had cloth wipes so I sewed hers into a quilt. I felt kinda bad because she'd double sided and hemmed them all, but it made it nice and easy for me to make into a quilt and it made it extra thick and warm
I backed it to this ugly blanket that Doug's mom gave us. What about me and my style suggests I'm into blue/yellow/purple polka dots?!? It is nice and soft though and makes a nice quilt backing. I still have to do the top stitching, but it's close to done.
Today was also spent making caramel pretzels for the neighbors. Guess I should've used parchment paper or coated the wax paper with Pam because it was a sticky nightmare!
Here's me dipping it into my dad's patented organ pipe tube/ the pretzel dipper 2000, haha, jk, but it does make the perfect even pretzel coating!
Once I pried them off of there and coated in chocolate they were much less sticky.
Last night went out to dinner with girlfriends. August hasn't taken a bottle yet so he's my ever-present sidekick. And he was slightly fussy. Oh well. Here he is with Aunt Jill.
And by the way, new favorite meal at Panera, LOVE the autumn squash soup but found a new tasty salad the Green Goddess sans bacon, delicious.
other things:
Doug's friend sent us the kid's leash from our registry. Yes we are going to be 'those' parents. But if August is anything like Doug who was always running and hiding from his mom, I'm going to need it! In this day and age of perverts and child nappers, he's staying by my side!
I'm super thankful that so far I've been able to breastfeed. I keep learning all this fascinating stuff like your body makes different milk for a boy baby vs a girl baby; milk is different for a 1 month old vs 9 month old etc; the nipple draws in saliva from the baby then "tests it" and makes whatever baby needs. This is 3 bags of milk over 24 hours, so crazy that it's so different, what is in there!?!
It makes me a bit sad that since those are going in the freezer whatever my body made for him he won't get till I thaw it months later, but on the other hand he is still getting it now too. Catch 22 I guess, I have to pump and save it for when I'm back at work.
August went to his first Elf party last weekend, isn't he the cutest little elf??
other pics:
winter hat model
sometimes taking a binky
little cutie
no mom, not tummy time!!

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