Tuesday, November 25, 2014

everyday life

The studying has officially begun!! Hooray! And I have signed up for the exam. So that's good. I was thinking and looking at my calendar and study plan and thinking about a date, and when I went to the state exam sign up site, only one date in all of December was available, and it was the day I had chosen, so that worked out perfectly!
I am still setting up things here around the house.
I tested out my new mixer with some Peanut Butter, Banana, Honey & Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies.
they turned out quite tasty!
I also tested a Brussel Sprout salad
you haven't known misery until you have tried to stir a jar of tahini
rrrr.... annoying.... I did find that microwaving for about a minute softened it up. Anyway, the salad was good.
And September has recovered from her brush with death! I am happy to report she is a little sweeter after we nursed her back to health. Even if that included shooting antibiotics down her throat 2x a day and eyedrops 3x a day, she seems to still like us!
she's eating!
would you look at that?!? - she's snuggling with me!
she's my Becks-substitute study buddy
and mommy's little helper
Otherwise life is studying and house fixing up. I ate some of Liz's delicious goodness. Sunflower cranberry (mock tuna, SO good) spread and jalapeno-cilantro hummmus. Mmmmmm
I'm feeling more and more homeowner-like every time I have to pick this disgusting leftover crap from the drain so our septic doesn't clog. Santa, PLEASE bring me a dispos-all!
I planted these sweet little succulants
doncha go dying on me!!
A couple nights ago we got Thai with Doug's friend(/my bridesmaid) for her belated birthday dinner. I got this Panang Curry. SO GOOD, must recreate!
The restaurant had these really cool tables that the waitress said a guy there had made from pallet wood. I have been planning on scouring craigslist for a table/chairs but am now thinking about asking that guy to build me one. Only downside- I really wanted a table that could add a leaf for guests, and I don't think his design would work that way
Last night Doug and I went downtown for the annual Christmas lighting ceremony. We saw real reindeer and window shopped. And also stuffed our faces with kettlecorn :)
it was fun

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  1. Married life looks good on you guys!!! Love your mixer and kettle, so fun and colorful!:)