Thursday, November 20, 2014

we're home!!!

Doug and I got home Sunday afternoon after a couple hours sleep on the flight back. My parents picked us up and brought over dinner. We sat on folding chairs and looked at our pictures together. The plan was for me to start studying for the NCLEX on Monday. But mom offered to come over on Monday and help me unpack the kitchen, so we did that. Then Tuesday I unpacked my clothes and bedroom stuff. Wednesday lots of errands and finding bins for storing things. And today I took little Miss September to the vet. Poor thing. We noticed her eyes were a bit runny, and she is usually all over the place. I have to admit I liked her a little calmer and snugglier, but then I felt awful when the vet today said she had a really high fever, and an upper respiratory infection that has moved down. Poor little girl. So now we have to buy her canned cat food for awhile since she was dehydrated, and give her antibiotics and eye drops.
I do feel a lot more settled and ready to get to work now. I know my mind would have just been wandering thinking about all I had to do anyway. This has also taught me that I am not meant to be a housewife (stay at home mom, maybe, as I'm sure that's busy!). I am enjoying setting up the house, but I've been speeding right along, and when that's done, I know I will be bored.
I think too I am intimidated by this exam, and so maybe the unpacking was some of my procrastinating coming through, but now I'm ready! 4 of my classmates so far have passed, 2 have jobs, and I need to get cracking. My study buddy who already took the exam told me today she thinks I don't even need to study, but I think it will help with some of the test anxiety.
I also want to start posting some blogs about Hawaii, which Doug calls "Anne's Everyday Life - the Honeymoon Edition". But for now, some little things from this week.
plagued by saggy boots?
this handy gadget, and...
And I really am a cat mom
wet food, paaaaartay!
And our front door. So pretty. I love wreaths. Here is my new wreath with our new welcome mat. And our wedding pumpkin is still going strong! Actually it's frozen solid, but it still looks pretty :)

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  1. Ahh, I remember those days of procrastinating studying! Set a date to take it, then break down rest of time into little goals and what your weak areas are. I think that's what helped me the most to stay away from too many AD season marathons ;)
    Cute boots! You can also use pool noodles cut in half to keep em upright. I love your wreath with the berry (?) tree in the yard!