Friday, September 21, 2012

Vacation Part 2 aka hiking 10 miles

So back to the vacation... after our movie we headed to Moab, Utah. We chose that place because none of us had been there and we just wanted to see a new place. Joel, Michelle and I got to the campsite first. It was first-come, first-serve and we drove around and checked out several sites to find the perfect spot. And I think we did! Our campsite was giant.
After setting up camp we went downtown to check out the scene and get icecream. Then we went to get some groceries and that's when my sister and her bf Johnny arrived. I hadn't seen her in over a year! :( it was even funny because I saw Michelle talking to a girl at the check-out and then I realized it was my sister! You know it's been too long if you don't even recognize your own sister!
We all went back to the site, made a campfire, and talked for an hour or two. Then off to bed before our next day adventures.
The next day we headed out to Park Avenue's red rock canyon and the Courthouse Towers. We did a couple easy short hikes.
Then we headed over to see Balanced Rock.
Then we hiked up to Delicate Arch
The bottom pic shows tiny Joel next to the Arch for size reference. He was funny calling to his wife to quit taking pictures of squirrels and to take a picture of him as he flexed his muscles and posed :)
The next hike was to Landscape Arch and Double-O Arch:
Landscape Arch
Joel in front of Double-O Arch.
So it was back to the campsite and a big dinner and into bed!

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  1. Wow it is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!! Way to go on ten miles!