Friday, April 27, 2012

things I'm liking lately

Yeaaaahhh... so haven't woken up any earlier at all. I guess I'm liking sleeping in. But I'm shooting for May 1st - back on track! Since I am a 1st birthday, I always count the passing of life on the 1st. So May 1st I will be 30 and 3/4 and it will be time to get back on with normal life. I just finished the book
I liked it. It was a care package gift from my thoughtful sister. I brought it up to my book club as an idea but it was quickly shot down, haha. They were like 'a dog dreams about racing?!? - No!!!' That's not quite what it was about, but I really liked it. There was a funny part about the dog getting revenge on his owners in-laws. In general the book made me miss our sweet old dog Harmony.
When my friend Jill visited last week she showed me a game on her ipod touch
Each level you have to figure out how to open the door and move to the next level. So fun! I was super close to getting an ipod just to play this game. Until I reached level 35 and won the game, wah wah. They need thousands more levels. But I really love those maze games, fun. I don't want to be one of those people though that are constantly doing something on their phone, so it is good to keep resisting!
Tonight I'm meeting up with a friend and her husband at a Kid Rock's resteraunt. I'm excited. Not about the Kid Rock part, but going out to dinner sounds so nice. Mmmm. I checked out the menu online and they have fried pickles, my fave! I guess people rave about the mac and cheese at this place, but I'm more a burger girl or pulled chicken sandwich, so we'll see. My stomach is growling just thinking about it!

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  1. Gah! Sorry you didn't get your fried pickles friend! Next time we go out you get to choose the restaurant and we will get fried pickles!:)

    Yes, keep resisting the smart phone. I am addicted to it now!!! Garth is always asking me to put it away and talk to him. So bad!