Monday, April 2, 2012

Daniel Fast day ?

So one week left of the Daniel Fast and I'm finally starting to cook some good stuff. Although it felt like all I did yesterday was cook and wash dishes! For lunch I made Mujadara, pretty much Lebanese lentils and rice, it was pretty good. The best part was the blackened onions on top.

For dinner I made one of our favorites the black bean butternut squash burritos. I had to eat mine without the slice of cheese, but it was still super good, as usual.

I also made Lemon Chia Seed Muffins. These were super delicious. Moist, lemoney, seedy :)

I went grocery shopping and I could not believe how much prices are going up on everything. Natural PB $3.70?? It was always $2. Even that lemon extract was like $4.79 for a teeny 1 ounce. Luckily Meijer had it on sale for $2.50. I should probably go get another as I anticipate making these muffins quite often! Anyway, everythings so expensive. Not everyones getting raises grocery store pricing people.

As I was putting away groceries I did another quick check of the moth trap and low and behold ANOTHER MOTH body was in there!! So I again pulled everything out and no sign of anything. Everything we have is now either in a jar or a canned good, so who knows where they are lurking. The only thing not in a container are our tortilla chips, but since we plow through those I don't think that would even matter. It is just a mystery!?!

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  1. Those muffins sound so good!!! As usual, your cooking always inspires me! I need to start cooking on the weekends!!