Tuesday, August 8, 2017

9 month postpartum body

I meant to post this at like 3 months, and never got around to it.
Pregnancy takes your body on quite the journey. I feel so blessed I was able to conceive and carry my baby to term when so many women have difficulties. The way God made the woman's body to grow another body is so amazing!
A trip down memory lane, from 8 weeks pregnant
to 42 weeks pregnant on my induction day, 23 pounds later.
This is about 2 weeks after birth, I'd probably had lost about 20 lbs already.
Right at the 2 week mark I was finally healed up down there enough to be able to sit and move a little bit more without being near tears, so I think I started taking very short walks around the neighborhood with him on my chest around then, I can't remember, maybe that was at 3 or 4 weeks, but it did take about 2 full weeks to be able to not wince and/or cry from the birth tears. Ow! After birth I noticed some stretch marks under my belly button, and I thought, "no fair for them to come after delivery!" but maybe actually they were there before and I couldn't see them? Who knows.
That's at about 3 months after. And down another 5lbs. Pretty much stabilized. And been that way pretty much every since. Here's 9 months after
So I am lighter, I don't think my stomach is all the way down, altho it was never perfectly flat anyway. And the skin is looser, and belly button bigger (!!), but all in all I'm feeling pretty good and most times feel strong enough hefting this little guy all around. Othertimes I feel like an old lady after I pick him up, 'oh my back!'. They say breast feeding burns 500 calories a day and women often gain when they stop it, that will probably be me because I don't feel I'm really eating a whole lot extra. Oh well, we'll see.
I'm thankful I was able to have this little guy. I think it helped me stay strong and fit that I exercised my whole pregnancy. I'm sure I'll be busier the next time around, whenever that will be, with having less time now with August, but I will try!

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