Thursday, July 20, 2017

life lately

Not up to much these days. I've had the week off so I've been doing stuff on my to do list like hemming a pair of pants that have been sitting there for months, trying to figure out how to wipe my old laptop since I've finally transitioned to my new one, we celebrated Doug's birthday last week, making meals and taking family walks.
He's been jumping like crazy in his jumper
bugger nose! haha, sent this pic to his daddy. I think this was his 4th cold since birth? Already gone. We've been pretty blessed 8 months in and hasn't had more than the 4 colds here and there.
not crawling, but sitting up like a boss
He's started to do more of those annoying baby things like throwing his head back and arching his back when he cries. He fights naps and going down for bedtimes occasionally. Last night we tried the 'cry it out' but I couldn't take more than about 5 minutes. So Doug and I took turns holding, singing, and then Doug just sat next to him while he played around and eventually got tired. All in all he's pretty good though.
We started veggies. I made a mix of sweet potato, kale, swiss chard, and spinach. I don't think I minced the leaves small enough, pretty soon he was gagging and threw it all up along with huge amounts of milk that he had before the veggies. Whoops, maybe you're supposed to do milk more like an hour before?
We got a 'new' wooden highchair last night off a swap site, I don't really like the cloth one we registered for. Even though the fabric wipes down, too many cloth crevices for gunk to get stuck. I guess something can look great on a registry, but real life shows you need something else.
He's not really a huge fan of food. A bite or two and then he's done. Which is fine with me, breastmilk should be a baby's main nutrition at least until a year, and the WHO says until 2 actually.
less barfy, buggery pictures of our boy:
LOVES bathtime
our little cutie

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  1. You should frame the bathtime one. 😍 and the one with his tongue stuck out, so cute. And yea, a little break for milk digestion before solids is good. Blend those veggies, no mincing yet! ;)