Thursday, May 18, 2017

park walks

I love that our neighborhood backs up to a park. August and I have enjoyed several walks lately enjoying the sun and fresh air.
My cousin had given me her stroller with the warning that we might need a couple tires as she walked the heck out of that thing. And sure enough, the other day, one tire popped! It was scary loud. Anyway, it turns out finding a new stroller tire to fit isn't as easy as it sounds. So we are down to the one stroller that he can only use with his carseat and it's not quite as nice. Oh well, Doug is on an ebay mission to find me new tires.
Happy baby
The other night was book club, we enjoyed the sunset on Liz's deck. August was sitting on Miss Molly's lap
We haven't read any good books in awhile, dud after dud. The last book was I'm Down which looked funny, and I could almost relate as I was raised until 10 in Detroit as the only white girl, however, it just seemed sad in the way her parents were raising her aka almost to the point of neglect and I just couldn't read more than a few chapters. Oh well. The next one sounded promising, but I don't know if it will come in to the library before the next book club, I miss the huge library when I was living with Jill. (and miss girl time living with Jill *Jill shoutout :))

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