Sunday, May 28, 2017

First Family Vacation!!! - part 1

We are back from our successful and fun family vacation to Hawaii.
As the trip got closer we were more and more worried about traveling with August, the flights, and the time difference, but he was awesome. We had a flight to Seattle which he was semi-fussy, but had brought several toys and a mirror and these fun rattle socks, so he was actually very good. Then the flight to Hawaii was fine. Today we flew back, red-eyes, and he slept the entire way. The time difference didn't seem to bother him too much, Hawaii was 6 hours behind so he was waking up around 6 (at sunrise) but that would've been noon our time, so I don't think it really made a difference.
As usual our typical vacations were busy with lots of things we did and saw, but we had a good time. Our first island was Maui, we had been there before. Our "to-see" list was the Road to Hana (again, to find out who had the best banana bread, and to spend more time at the spots we were too rushed at last time), a glass bottom boat tour, snorkel, see a sunset and stars from Haleakala (the volcano, we saw a sunrise last time)
sunrise view from our condo
walking in a nature preserve by our condo
looking at plants with daddy
eating shaved ice in Lahaina, none for Mr. August
The Road to Hana, a scenic winding road along the North coast of Maui. "It's not about the destination, it's about the journey." Although Hana did have a food truck with the BEST coconut curry squash I'd ever had.
This photo board was at Halfway to Hana which won my vote for best banana bread after our 4 bread taste test, the pineapple coconut bread didn't do anything for either of us unfortunately for that $7
so many waterfalls along the way
we found this spot the first time we did the road to Hana on our honeymoon, crawled through a cave to the opening encircled with Banyan tree roots, did it again with the baby backpack!
Hike on the black sands beach
the trees were just crazy huge jungle
the state park along the road
hiked to the red sand beach in Hana
the seven sacred pools past Hana
One thing we did differently was instead of reversing the route from Hana we continued all the way around the eastern part of Maui. The road was at times a mountain cliff on one side, and ocean on the other. It was beautiful.
they weren't kidding about the cattle crossing signs
That was a little nerve wracking as the sunset and we drove along a dark, narrow, winding road while keeping our eyes peeled for cows! We made it though and it was fun to see that side of the island.
The banana goods, my winner: Halfway to Hana, Doug's winner: Hana Farms
Alright, I'm tired from not sleeping much on the plane and have to work tomorrow, to be continued

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  1. Fun! I like how you say "best coconut curry squash I've ever had" like this it's you know, a normal M-F meal lol. But sounds yummy!